Pole dancing classes, which are now creeping into group workout schedules in most gym and fitness studios, have moved into the mainstream. And hey, if it’s good enough for Kate Hudson and Heidi Klum...

Pole dancing for fitness - Women's Health & Fitness

Widely regarded as one the world’s most skilled pole dancers, pole dancing studio owner Jamilla Deville (jamilla.com) began wrapping her body around vertical bars at a time when it was a niche activity tucked away in a dark recess of the club scene classy, sophisticated, self-respecting women wouldn’t touch with, well, a barge pole.

Thanks to the ‘sport’s’ move into the mainstream, the original Miss Pole Dance Australia now splits her time between judging world-class pole dance events, performing and teaching her art to women seeking access to their sexy side (with the fringe benefit of creating a killer body you’d be devastated to hide under clothes). Just don’t try this on the verandah without an engineer’s say-so.  

Who’s the ideal candidate for pole dancing?

Hundreds of women attend our studio every year. They are all ages from 16 up, all sizes, and from all walks of life. The most common question I get from new students is whether they will be strong, fit or co-ordinated enough. Some women assume that everyone else in the class will be younger or skinnier than themselves. Once everyone gets to their first class, however, they see that their assumptions are usually way off – everyone else is just like them! Over time, our girls end up cheering each other on. It’s a very supportive environment.

How can pole dancing help a gal to get her sexy on?
Women today are confronted with an array of pressures, with body size, as well as whether or how we express our sensuality. Sensuality is often considered ‘dangerous’ or even ‘slutty’. In pole classes we dance, we work on specific aspects of fitness, but we also include an element of femininity, which can even be sensual. Pole dancing is a choice to be fit, to have fun and to feel free to express all the aspects of our being as strong and positive. If that is empowerment, then so be it!

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