Want a body like Jessica Biel? Perform this all over workout at least twice per week, says PT Natalie Carter

Jessica Biel's total body workout - Celebrity fitness - Women's Health & Fitness

Hot how-to:
To get a body to die for (yes thank you, Jessica Biel!), perform this all over workout at least twice per week. Follow the workout with a good sprint session of fast running for one minute, alternating with jogging for one minute, for a total of 20 minutes.

Clean eating tip:
Always choose lean serves of protein, consume at every meal and aim for grass-fed organic sources where possible.

Squat press (quads/shoulders/core)
1.    Stand with feet hip distance apart, dumbbells up near shoulders.
2.    Squat down (imagine you’re sitting on a chair), engaging your glutes.
3.    As you come up, start pressing the weights above your head until arms are fully extended (keep a soft bend in elbow so as not to hyperextend arms).

How many: Three sets of 12 reps.

Dead lifts (hamstrings/core)
1.    Select a weight approximately 20 to 35 per cent of your body weight (to start off with). Use a barbell, dumbbells or even a backpack filled with books!
2.    Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Draw your navel into your spine. You are going pick the weight up with bent knees and a flat back. Keep your back flat and navel pulling into your spine as you bring the weight from the floor to your hips, keeping it close at all times (imagine sliding the weight over your shins, thighs and hips). Extend your legs just so they have a soft bend in them, and squeeze your butt cheeks together, driving your hips forward.
3.    Slowly lower weight, keeping back flat and tummy tight.

How many: Three sets of 12 reps.

Box jumps (legs/core)
1.    Use a box or large step (or a step-up box with approximately four to six steps); jump on to the box with both feet and land in a squat.
2.    Step back and start again. If you want a further challenge, squat jump on top, and again to dismount.

How many: Aim for three sets of 20 reps.

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