Immersing yourself in water may be the fastest weight loss trick going. We translate the best exercises for the swimming pool.

Swimming pool moves - Women's Health & Fitness

Waist-deep water reduces your body weight load by 46%, while mid-chest takes 65%. At neck-depth you carry just 8% of your body weight – about the same as a newbie’s dumbbell.

* LAND Tricep dips  WATER Tricep dips
From the same starting position as for tricep lifts, slide into the water until your elbows reach 90 degrees and your legs and back are parallel to the pool wall. Push up with your arms until your elbows straighten and lower with control back into the water. Lower only as far as is comfortable to raise back up to avoid injury. 

* LAND Bicep curls  WATER Bicep curls
This is another exercise performed with floating dumbbells. This exercise should be done in shoulder-deep water. In this exercise, the arms are kept at the sides of the body, elbows pointing towards the ground. The arms should straighten all the way so the hands are by the thighs, and then curl all the way up, so they are next to the shoulders. This constitutes one repetition.

2. THE TARGET: Abs/Core
* LAND Crunches  WATER Crunches
Lower yourself into the water and face the pool wall. Holding the edge, manoeuvre your legs onto the poolside so your knees form 90-degree angles (your butt should be against the wall). Cross your arms over your chest and mimic the action of a standard sit-up, bringing your chest as close to your knees as you can. Lower back into the water with control. Try three sets of 15 and build up to six sets of 25.

* LAND Plank  WATER Dolphin kicks
Lower yourself into the pool and turn so your back faces the wall. Holding the wall with reverse grip overhead or arms on either side above your head, place feet together and kick up and down – dolphin style. To give your quads a hefty workout, face the wall and raise your legs to your preferred side so your feet are just below the surface and together, and dolphin kick up and down. Think Little Mermaid.

* LAND Leg press  WATER Leg weight tread
Strap on leg weights (start with one to two kg) and lower yourself into the pool, holding the edge. Remaining close to the wall for safety, release your hands and begin treading water with a cycling motion. When you start to feel fatigued, grab the wall.

* LAND Leg lifts  WATER Underwater leg lifts
Holding the side of the pool with hands behind your back, slowly lift your left leg as far as you can with no more than minor discomfort. Lower with control and try your right leg. This is great for your back and hamstrings, too.

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