Working out for as little as three minutes can boost kilojoule burn throughout the day, with a maximum extra burn of 1,000 kJ, research shows.

3 minute workout - Women's Health & Fitness

Jack of the gym? Try these quick-fire exercises during your workday to boost your daily burn.

Star jumps: The mainstay of aerobics workouts in the ‘80s, star jumps refuse to go out of fashion because they work. (High cut leotard optional.)

Burpees: They hurt a bit. Suck it up.

Raised push-ups: Use the back of a chair, a park bench – whatever you can find to get those biceps working.  

Stair runs: Ditch the lift and hit the stairs. Not only will you give your daily energy use a boost, you’ll have the most toned thighs in the office. Two birds, one stone and all that.

Squats: Sure, you might raise a few eyebrows sneaking in a few squats beside the photocopier, but they won’t be laughing when you’re heading home and they’re off to the gym.

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