Give your abs a workout, improve your posture and build a strong core with this Swiss ball workout. If you suffer lower back pain, you should also notice that this reduces.


Swiss ball Russian twist - Women's Health & Fitness
TERMS OF USE:  Aim for three–five sets of 12–15 reps with 45 seconds rest between sets. Aim for three days a week, avoiding consecutive days to avoid overtraining. Now is the last time you want to be sidelined with injury.


ARSENAL: Swiss ball.


1. Start with your upper back on the ball (supine position), feet are a little wider than hip distance apart.

2. Push hips up to the ceiling.

3. Place hands together behind your head and interlock fingers. 

4. Draw navel to spine, and without moving your hips, twist your upper torso to the right. You’ll be twisting over so you are resting on top of your shoulder. Maintain a squeeze in your glutes for extra support.

5. Return to the centre and twist to the left.

UP THE ANTE: As you become more confident, increase the speed while maintaining control.

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