Want to get fit? No more excuses! Round up your colleagues and start a work fitness group.

How to start a workout fitness group - Women's Health & Fitness

Struggling to squeeze fitness around your nine to five or can’t stick with a program to save yourself? Start a workplace fitness group and make training part of your work day. (If the goal doesn’t get you moving, the thought of missing the goss on the lunchtime run will.)

Follow the lead of Kristen Turner and Madeleine Wood, from Melbourne’s Jellis Craig real estate, who turned their colleagues into fitness groupies for this year’s Run Melbourne.

1. Choose or create an event with a definite date, ideally six to eight weeks away. (Enough time to train; not so long you’ll lose interest.)

2. Email the plan to your colleagues, or ask the relevant department to do it for you.

3. Register your ‘team’. Yep, gotta commit.

4. Devise a training schedule and send to team members. Turner advises keeping it simple and local to minimise excuses (think before-work and lunch-hour runs).

5. Plan a post-event celebration. “We had a post-run barbeque,” says Turner. Or move Friday drinks from the daggy pub down the road to a trendy bar in town to toast your efforts.

HOT TIP: Choose a charity event and set a dollar goal for sponsorship to maintain motivation and foster team spirit. “Everyone wanted to be more involved in our fundraising for Breast Cancer Network Australia this year,” says Turner, who says raising $46,000 was a bonus, on top of noticeably healthier, happier colleagues.

Good luck!

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