Remember to breath - training secrets - Women's Health & Fitness

5. Remember to breathe
Never heard of performance-enhancing breath? Power breathing is one of the simplest ways to give you an instantly stronger lift while protecting your back. To do it, keep your abs tight, as though you are about to be punched in the stomach, but keep breathing through. You need to inhale on the concentric movement and exhale as you come out of the lift. Another biological magic trick is trying to crush an external load (bar, dumbbell, kettlebell) in your hand during the exercise – you’ll notice the load feels instantly lighter. And now for our next trick, when performing any lower body exercise, always stand up through the heel. The heel is connected to your glutes. If you can turn on your glutes better, you will notice you’ll have a much stronger and safer lift. To amplify the effect, try ‘hissing’ through pursed lips by saying the letter S as you lift explosively. Notice something? Abs contract harder? Lift was easier? Abracadabra.