Want to lose weight and tone up from home? Then this workout is for you!

Sculpt killer arms and lean legs - Women's Health & Fitness

Fit kit:
•     Hart Sport weight bag (20kg), $99, hartsport.com.au
•     Spalding yoga mat, Spalding
•    Kitchen timer

Repeat each exercise three to four times. To challenge yourself, time the workout and reduce your rest periods. For the perfect all-round outdoor plan, add a 30-minute steady state run after the workout.

Perform three times per week, on days of your choice.

The workout:
This workout, known as ‘the 20 workout’ will get you outdoors and sculpt killer legs and lean arms.

1.  Lie on your back on the mat, with both feet on the ground, and place the weight bag on your hips (heels about 30cm from your butt). Draw your navel into your spine, squeeze your butt, and lift hips towards the ceiling, holding for three seconds before lowering completely. Complete 20 reps, then rest for 20 seconds.

2.  To perform a weighted bent over row, hold the bag and bend at the waist to bring torso forward. Bend your knees slightly and keep back straight until it’s almost parallel to the ground – this is your start position. Weight should hang directly in front, with arms extended towards the floor. Keep torso stationary and lift the weight. Inhale and lower weight slowly to the starting position. Complete 20 reps and rest for 20 seconds.

3.  Perform regular push-ups, but instead of placing your feet on the floor, place them on the weight bag. Complete 20 reps and rest for 20 seconds.

4.  For a step-up, assume a push-up position with the weight bag in front of you. Step your right arm onto the bag, then step it down and switch to your left arm. Aim to increase speed of the movement, and mix it up by switching the leading arm. Perform 20 reps and rest for 20 seconds.

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