Want to workout for less? Try this at home workout plan from PT Natalie Carter. It will cost you less than $20.

Workout for under $20 - Women's Health & Fitness

When it comes to fashion, everyone loves a bargain. But enter the fitness arena, and we seem to believe the more we spend, the better/fitter/faster we’ll be.

While pricey boutique gyms can come with cute perks – hello designer change room curtains – $60 to $90 monthly fees don’t guarantee commensurate results. This workout gets results, and it will cost you less than $20.

Fit kit:


Set timer for one minute intervals. Your bag of rice will be your resistance, so the bigger the bag, the harder you work – aim for a minimum of two kg.

Planner: Start with Monday and Thursday. To accelerate fat loss, or once it becomes easy, try adding a third day of your choice.


This HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout will blast fat and have your fitness levels soaring in under 30 minutes. Great for busy girls!

1. Using the rope, skip for two minutes.

2. Complete two 40-second rounds of push-ups separated by a one-minute rest. (Beginners try your knees first.)

3. Holding the bag of rice close to your chest, hop from side to side for two minutes.

4. Hold rice with both hands in front of your chest to complete a twisting shoulder press. Rotate your torso to the left while pressing the rice bag into the front of your left shoulder until arms extend, bring arms down and now twist in the opposite direction, over your right side. 40 secs x two full rounds, rest one minute.

5. Using the rope, skip for two minutes

6. Holding the rice bag overhead, complete four rounds of walking lunges. Each round should time 40 seconds, followed by a one-minute rest

7. Holding the rice close to your chest, hop from side to side for two minutes.

8. For tricep push-ups, assume plank position on the mat. Arms should be at shoulder width, elbows tucked into sides. (Beginners can perform the tricep push-ups on their knees to start with and then progress to toes.) Complete four rounds of 40 seconds divided by one minute rests.


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