Before you do the same old workout, consider these lesser known corners of the gym to max your sweat sessions, writes Natalie Carter

Strong core - Gym workout

YOU WANT Strong core
GO TO TRX (straps/suspension trainer)

TRX (straps/suspension trainer) are a new addition to most gyms. They are also a great piece of equipment to have at home as they cancel out the need for several pieces of machinery. These days the move towards a more functional gym equipment not only makes for a fun workout, but also helps avert injury.

To perform a low body row, adjust the straps to suit your intensity. The shorter the strap, the easier the row, and vice versa.

Stand tall holding the handles, slowly lowering yourself backward, so you are hanging. With your arms fully extended, pull yourself up using your back so your arms are now bent into your chest (with your elbows tucked in close to your side).
SETS ‘N REPS 3 to 4 x 12

Tip: Maintain a drawn-in navel and long spine.

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