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5. Adopt his attitude

The difference I find between training men and women is attitude. Men tend to get stuck in and just do whatever they are told, while women can be a little skeptical when it comes to trying new things. Take a leaf out of your male counterparts’  book and apply a can-do attitude to your fitness program (this doesn’t mean becoming a gym rat and drinking protein shakes every hour). Also mimic his focus. Men tend to decide in advance what area of their bodies they will work in a session, meaning their moves have focus and, as such, are more efficient.

Man up: Get a friend to go to the gym or park with and also have a plan of what exercises/activity you will do. By adopting the can do attitude you will not only succeed with your goals but you’ll become more consistent – vital if you want to see positive changes in your body. If you find it challenging coming up with different workouts, a few sessions with a PT can really give you the boost you need to achieve your goals.   

Natalie Carter is founder and director of Sydney’s New Outlook Fitness.

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