3. Lift heavy

The fear of bulking up is what stops girls from lifting heavy, but rest assured this will not happen. Because our testosterone levels are very different to men’s, girls have a hard time bulking up. Instead, lifting heavy will build lean muscle, which is essential if you want to reduce your body fat and slide into your skinny jeans. Once you are happy with your definition from your weight training, you can move onto a maintenance program, for strength.

Man up: You can lift heavy for all of your favourite exercises: squats, lunges, deadlifts, rows and tricep overhead extensions. Select a weight with which you can only perform a maximum of six-to-eight reps . If you can complete the ninth and 10th rep, your weight is too light. It will take a couple of sessions for you to get this technique down pat, but after that, you’re laughing. I’ve seen amazing body transformations in clients who have added heavy lifting days to their training regimes – it’s a turbo weight loss strategy (even with minimal cardio!).