It may be tempting to ditch the early morning jog and hit snooze on a dark and dreary winter morning, but as celebrity PT Michelle Bridges says, “you snooze, you lose!”


Making excuses and opting to sleep in and sulk won’t see you shift that extra winter bulk. Exercising rain, hail or shine will help elevate your metabolism and burn off the pasta, pies, cookies and fries.

“Of course, if it’s cold we need to warm up thoroughly and make sure we are looking after ourselves, but at the end of the day, winter, summer, autumn or spring – it’s the same deal,” Bridges says.

“Just like I brush my teeth every day, just like I make my bed every day, just like I take a shower every day – I do a bit of exercise every day. I don’t suddenly stop showering because it’s winter.

“Ultimately, it’s about looking at it with a different perspective. Understand that you are an exerciser. You are someone that chooses to eat healthily 98 per cent of the time. And the benefits that you get from that are extraordinary.”

Motivated by Bridge’s words of winter workout wisdom? Great! Don’t despair if you’re not a ski bunny at heart or experience no delight in tediously pounding plastic pavement on a treadmill, as there are tonnes of options to beat the winter blues and satisfy all fitness fancies.

Indoor rock climbing

Climb your way like Spiderman to killer calves and a terrific tooshie. But you may want to bring a friend for support – literally.

“Rock climbing is a two person sport in a way as you take it in turns to belay, which is the safety work at the base of the climbs that we teach to all new people who come into our complexes,” says manager and instructor at Hardrock Climbing Aaron Floyed.

Suitable for: Fitter people may have greater endurance to tackle some of the more challenging courses, but a range of less challenging courses ensure all aspiring climbers are catered for. These vary in terms of the angle of the wall and number, shape and size of holds and the distance between them.

Target muscles: Rock climbing is a full body workout that predominantly works the legs and back.

Fitness benefits: Enhanced flexibility, muscular endurance and strength, plus a decent dose of confidence.

Wonderful winter workout: Being indoors is a bonus for many, but in addition rock climbing injects fun into fitness.

The war machine

Armour up and fight the fat this winter with the war machine – one of the latest suspension training tools to hit Aussie shores from the US.

Leading health and fitness professional Matt Thom describes the war machine as conditioning-based exercise.

“Two adjustable handles are attached to a safe anchor point for the purpose of using one’s own body weight as resistance,” he says.

Suitable for: Anyone and everyone. There are basic exercises all the way through to advanced conditioning exercises suitable for elite athletes.

Target muscles: Given the war machine is capable of over 300 different exercises, you can potentially work the entire body.

Fitness benefits: Gains in flexibility, strength, muscular endurance and power, and according to Thom, the war machine can even be used for injury rehabilitation.

Wonderful winter workout: “The war machine, being a cable pulley system, has now brought exercises that were once confined to an indoor training facility to the possibility of training anywhere, anytime,” Thom says.


PT at Plus One Mums Meg Campbell says Gymstick is one of her favourite tools.

“It combines adjustable resistance bands with a lightweight fibreglass bar,” she says. “The user places the loop at the end of the bands around their feet and adjusts the resistance level simply by rolling the band around the stick.”

Suitable for: The resistance bands range from 1kg to 31kg, plus the Gymstick range is broad to suit all needs, including ‘original’ for indoors and outdoors, ‘telescopic’ for the keen traveller and ‘aqua’ for water sports.

Target muscles: According to Campbell, Gymstick is great for core stabilisation and upper and lower body muscular strength and endurance.

Fitness benefits: A combination of cardiovascular, muscular endurance and flexibility training, Gymstick enhances coordination and balance, and – just in time for winter – fat loss.

Wonderful winter workout: Easy to use and store, Campbell believes Gymstick is especially great for mums who are time poor and want a fantastic workout without having to hit the gym.

Dance up a storm

Dancing offers a fabulously fun cardio workout, so shimmy and shake your winter worries away with these top trimming workouts.

Pole dancing isn’t just about getting down and dirty, despite common misconceptions. If you want a hot bod like Demi Moore, pole dancing is a good place to start.

Suitable for: “No one starts fit or proficient in pole dancing – it is something that develops with repetition and continued patronage,” says director of XPOLE and pole dancing instructor Diana Godess.

She does caution, however, that those with shoulder or back injuries should take extra care.

Target muscles: Entire body, although predominantly tummies, tails and thighs. And it nicely hits the ‘tuckshop’ bits, too! The stretching component closing the class decreases muscle stiffness.

Fitness benefits: This little number ticks tonnes of boxes. It’s an aerobic and anaerobic form of exercise, and also ensures the cardiovascular system gets a decent workout, too.

Wonderful winter workout: According to Godess, pole dancing burns more calories than standard gym equipment and makes for a great social experience.

SH’BAM is the latest workout from fitness master Les Mills. Slap on your tights and tank top and expect to smile and sweat your way through this simple 45-minute dance class.

Suitable for: SH’BAM instructors offer options that cater for beginners through to the advanced.

Target muscles: According to Marie Anagnostis of Les Mills, everything from top to toe!

“The dance moves are expressive and simple, so upper and lower body get a workout,” she says.

Fitness benefits: SH’BAM can potentially burn up to 600 calories a workout.

Wonderful winter workout: This new addition to your fitness schedule will motivate you to make the most of your gym membership!

Future sound of yoga (FSOY) is a fusion of yoga, dance and music with a live DJ that will ensure you not only get footloose and fancy free, but simultaneously fight fat.

“There are many people who find going to bars and clubs to listen to music no longer alluring, so FSOY offers a different experience where they can go out and listen to good music in a safe and nurturing space,” says co-creator of FSOY and yoga instructor Angel Singmin.

Suitable for: All walks of life, but perhaps of particular interest to people who don’t mind the nightclub vibe – with a few more downward dogs than drinks!

Target muscles: Yoga is known for its holistic application on the body, so you will use every single muscle…even those you never knew you had!

Fitness benefits: This cardio workout is a fabulously fun way to enhance flexibility.

Wonderful winter workout: The perfect winter detox, the collaboration of dance and flowing vinyasa yoga sequences will ensure your soul gets as big a workout as your stamina.