Meditation – PICTURE – Women's Health & Fitness

5. Meditation and mojo

Taking time to centre yourself is so important for vitality and wellbeing.

Start with some relaxing music, sit in a comfortable position and concentrate solely on your breath.

Feel your lungs fill with air as you inhale and see your tummy rise as you take good-quality breaths into your lungs – release and feel the air exhale.

Keep your shoulders relaxed and your eyes soft. I like to look at nature or the ocean.

If I am travelling or not able to see a lovely view I end my workout with sitting cross-legged with my eyes closed and visualise the beach to help guide me into a quiet mental state.

This is something that can add so much value to your day with so little effort.

The biggest challenge for most is to fight the feeling to move or be doing something. Take the moment to recharge.