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This Pilates exercise releases the spine and muscles of the back with self-massage. Stretches the backs of the legs, which pull on the lower back when tight.



Target: The abdominals, inner thighs, hamstrings and spine 

How to

1. Lay on your back with the ring between the ankles and the legs straight up to the ceiling

2. Exhale to roll over until you are balanced between the shoulder blades and the legs are parallel to the floor behind you

3. Inhale to squeeze the ring and flex the feet. Exhale to roll with control back to the start position.

4. Keep the head glued to the floor and the upper body relaxed throughout. Ensure you aren’t placing too much pressure through the head and neck

Tip: If your hamstrings are tight, have a slight bend in the knees 

Reps: 6-8


Peta Serras, Polestar Pilates instructor (; Photography: Benjamin McCloghry

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