Buying the right running shoes can make or break your results. Here’s how to match your running shoes to your foot shape.

choosing the right running shoes 

Running shoes manipulate gait by altering stride length and, consequently, heel strike (the more there is, the worse for your knees). While extreme gait anomalies may indicate muscle imbalances, which may require orthotics, most foot idiosyncrasies can be overcome with appropriate shoes.

Jennifer Dodge, physiotherapist and founder of, says footwear should be no less personalised than glasses. Foot type (high, medium or low arch), shape (broad or narrow) and foot function and dynamic function (usually identified using a video gait analysis) are fixed factors. Secondary considerations are variables like dominant run surface (road or trail).

“Footwear is your safety equipment,” says sport podiatrist Paul Dowie, from Foot & Leg Pain Clinics (

Foot- and lower limb-related injuries that can occur from wearing incorrect footwear include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, patellofemoral (knee) pain, Iliotibial band syndrome and metatarsal fractures, Dodge warns.

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