Fitness model Erica Kerwin reveals her secret training plan for a rounded butt!


The big picture:
When you’re trying to grow your glutes, you’ll want to train them one to two times per week. If you have a smaller behind, start training it twice a week to make it grow. Don't be afraid to lift heavy! I personally train glutes once a week and on a separate day so I can really isolate that muscle group and focus on shaping.

Butt Rules:
I find that people tend to neglect a lot of isolation exercises in their glute workouts. Isolation exercises give the glutes its overall shape and roundness. People always say to me ‘you must do squats’ and think that's the only exercise required to grow and shape your glutes. In fact, there are three parts that make up the muscle and each should be targeted in a glute workout. The gluteus maximus (the biggest part of the glute), gluteus medius (the part of the glute sitting near the outside of your pelvis) and the gluteus minimus (the smallest glute muscle lying under the gluteus medius) are the three muscles that make up the booty.

The workout I provide targets all three muscle groups to help you add size and shape. In addition to training, sound nutrition is essential to having a nice bum! Make sure you’re meeting your daily protein intake to ensure you’re building muscle. I find many of my clients, when they first come to me, are not eating enough protein and therefore can’t build lean muscle mass. Your glutes aren’t going to grow if you’re not eating enough! I also drink my BCAAs during my workout to give me more energy and so the aminos are feeding my muscles as I train them.

Clean eating is what’s going to keep your glutes nice and tight and really help emphasise its shape. It also helps to reduce cellulite! Your overall body fat percentage is what's going to help you attain a certain ‘look’. For competition-ready glutes, overall body fat percentage must be reduced, which emphasises the glute-hamstring tie-in (the smooth transition between your glutes and hamstrings). When I compete, this is one of my main focuses, but in my off season I like to hold on to a bit more body fat and have a curvier fit look. Keeping your diet in check is essential to keeping roundness.


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Photo credit: Jamie Watling