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Workout 1: Hamstring and glutes
»    Box squats 3 x 15

»    Lying leg curls holding upper body up 4 x 10–15 superset with 15–20 lying leg curls (hold your upper body off the bench so you hold yourself up, squeeze when you curl, then you can feel it all the way to the top of the hamstring where the glute and hamstring definition is.

»    Hip thrust with a bar on a stability ball 4 x 20 superset with 20 kettlebell swings (I usually have 30 to 35kg with the bar. With kettlebells I use 12kg or 16kg. Make sure you use you hips to swing the bell up.

»    Glute exercise on the hip abductor machine – facing rear (4 x 30)

»    Hack squat squeezes 5 x 15. Go as low as you can and make sure your knees don’t go over your toes. When you’re in the lowest squat position, go up a little bit and push your toes out but try to stay low throughout.

Do 15, stand up for three seconds then down again. Do that 5 times.

Workout 2: 
hamstring and glutes
»    Triple-set lunges 3 x 30 each. 
Lunge – side lunge – curtsey lunges
»    Lying leg curl with dumbbell (4 x 10) superset with stability ball.
»    Hamstring leg curls (4 x 20).
»    Cable glute kickback on a bench (4 x 25 each leg).
»    Leg press (five exercises 20 each)

1. In the middle wide
2. In the middle narrow
3. As high as you can wide
4. As high as you can narrow
5. Low in the middle narrow

Photo credit: Nikki Fogden Moore

Workout 3
»    Bench step-ups (pictured) and side lunges 3 x 20
»    Glute bridge on the floor with a bar – heavy! 4 x 10
»    Donkey kick in a machine 4 x 15 each leg
»    Hip adduction in cable 4 x15 each leg
»    Squat with a rope in cable 3 x 50
(30 low and all the way up and squeeze; 20 holding your position as low as you can with little bit of movement and squeeze).

»    Booty blaster: (ankle weights) one round each leg with no break between one and two.

1. Donkey kick with bent leg 20
Donkey kick bent leg squeezes 20
Donkey kick bent leg up to the side 20

2. Straight leg kick back 20
Straight leg kick back squeezes 20
Straight leg kick back up to the side 20

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Workout from personal trainer and IFBB bikini competitor Kristbjorg Jonasdottir (Kris J).

Photo credit: Jamie Watling