Lunge - toned legs in 5 moves - PICTURE - Women's Health & Fitness

2. Lunge

Why you’ll do it: We feature these a lot, but for very good reason. Lunges target hard-to-reach areas such as lower glutes, hamstrings and thighs. They can also be developed for more challenging extensions by adding weights or incorporating into walking lunges or jump lunges for explosiveness.

What you’ll do: Start with feet together and then step out wide with your front leg forward, aiming to get the thigh parallel with the ground.  Hold your core tight,. push back on your heel on the back foot and bend the back leg to come down almost to the ground. Balance on the ball of your front foot – feeling as though you’re pushing the back heel to the ground to help create power.

Sink down into the lunge with your upper body straight and strong – avoid leaning over your front leg.

Step back with your front leg and change sides.