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Exercise 5: Deadlifts – 10 repetitions
This one is the secret to building lean muscle and a toned booty.

a.    Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, toes pointing straight ahead. The balls of the feet should line up under the bar.
b.    With knees slightly bent and hands gripping the bar just outside of legs, hinge forward from the hips. With the bar close to your shins, keep head up, eyes looking forward, chest out, and back straight.
c.    Keeping the bar close to the body, exhale as you work to straighten the legs – driving up through the whole foot – and bring the weight to your hips. Keep core engaged throughout the entire movement and finish by moving the hips into alignment with the feet.
d.    Maintaining a straight back, slowly allow knees to bend and lower the bar back to the ground.