Calf raise

Killer calves have been immortalised in images of Louboutins and half-turned femme fatales blessed by the genetic fairies. If you've got diamond-shaped calves through little or no effort, be grateful. But if your lower legs lack shape, pay attention. The calves are made up of the gastrocnemius and soleus and can be activated through running, jumping and walking. (Or a night on the town in heels – ouch!) They are always being engaged and are so easy to roll into a workout regime.

How to

1. Stand tall with feet hip-width apart, bracing a park bench or tree for balance if required.

2. Keeping core taut, raise body until standing on the tips of your toes.

3. Squeeze calves at the top of movement to optimise.

4.Return to the starting position and repeat for required repetitions.

B: 3 x 15; A: 15 reps.

Photo credit: Jamie Watling