I am not only an accredited personal trainer, I am also a professional fitness competitor and fitness/bikini model; step-ups have always been a vital component in my regime. A park bench is the perfect tool!

How to

1. Stand square to the bench, being careful not to stand too far away from the bench to ensure you are not using your back to lift your weight to an erect position.

2. Place entire foot on the bench (working leg) and pushing through heels, 'step up' until fully straight and squeezing the glutes; ensure you are keeping your core taut.

3. With the same form, lower your body to return to the starting position. Depending on the variation of step-up being performed, either continue to use the same leg to complete all the sets before switching legs or alternate legs until entire set is complete.

B: 3 x 12 per side; A: 12 per side alternating or performaing all reps on one leg before changing. 

Photo credit: Jamie Watling