Do you have small joints, a slim appearance and have difficulty gaining weight? You're most likely an ectomorph. Gain lean muscle and strength with this workout designed for the unique shape and needs of ectomorphs.


Ectomorphs have a slim physique with low muscle and fat mass. It is important that these body types look at increasing their muscle mass to help protect their bone health.

Moule recommends ectomorphs strength train three to four days a week and focus more on moderate to heavy weights and lower reps (six to 10 reps).

1. Stomach: Crank it knee tuck

Start on all fours then place feet into CrankIt straps while in a plank position. From the plank position, with a tight core and maintaining form, bring knees towards chest and then back to the plank position.

Why it works: This exercise hits all of the abdominal muscles.