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Want to burn more calories in a day? A subtle change in reps could make all the difference.

Extra hour in bed. Added couch time. While you're snuggling up, your body could be doing the same, slowly slipping into standby mode (just in time for red wine and bake-at-home rolls). Here's how to boost your 24-hour calorie burn. Translation: free sofa hours.

Switch up your reps

“Three sets of 10 reps has become the default setting for gym-goers, regardless of individual circumstances and goals,” says certified Russian kettlebell trainer Grant Lofthouse (

“The problem with the dominant high rep training is that because you’re so weak in the final reps, the weight you can accommodate is too light to do anything.”

It boosts your basal metabolic rate by increasing myoegenic tone (extra lean muscle mass that burns xxx more than body fat yet doesn’t add bulk). 

“The effects elicit specific adaptive responses by your body, which promote a beneficial, functional increase in lean muscle,” Lofthouse says.

“When your body is forced to adapt to the increased demands of a heavier weight, it responds by building more contractile proteins within the muscle, which increases muscle density and muscle tone.”

STYLE: Circuit

RULES: Choose a weight at 10 rep max (one you can lift 10 times, but not more) and train at five by six (five sets times six reps).


  • Don’t be tempted to push for another rep. More is not better.

  • Heavier isn’t necessarily better – nor is one that lets you crank out 29 reps per set.

  • Between rep six and 12 rep speed and power output in the concentric phase decrease by as much as 31 per cent. Not good.

  • Lifting a 10RM for 5 x 6 enables intensity of about 85%, while 3 x 10 with a lighter weight will get you about 70%. Do the arithmetic.