Lacking motivation? We ask Tiffiny Hall to share her winter workout tips.

Tiffany Hall from The Biggest Loser -  Women's Health & Fitness

Best known for her gig as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, Tiffiny Hall is an author, taekwondo instructor and ambassador for Nature’s Way. Despite working on a constantly hectic schedule, she always prioritises exercise. “I have a desk job, so have a real understanding of how hard it is to work health and fitness around office hours and demands.”

So how does she look this good?

With consistent workouts and an attitude that emphasises a healthy mind for fuelling a healthy body – not the other way around.

“The worst motivation for exercise, I find, is losing weight. Once you lose it, then what?” Hall says. “The key is to move before breakfast. Just like brushing my teeth, I exercise. I wake up at 5am and train, then hit my desk for a solid day of writing.”

Hall abides by specific meal times, at 7am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, followed by taekwondo classes in the evening. “Taekwondo is an excellent full-body workout and one of the highest calorie-burning sports you can do. It’s fantastic for conditioning your abs and legs…You really learn how to have a positive, strong mindset and this helps to control emotional eating, stress levels and anxiety,” Hall says.

How to combat winter blues

Cold weather is sometimes enough to make your already stressful day go from bad to worse. “We all have these days… Just because we think something (I’m fat, I’m ugly) doesn’t mean it’s true,” she says.

“When I have negative thoughts about my body, I take a hot bath, read, or catch up with friends. Isolating yourself is the worst, only feeding those pernicious thoughts and feelings.” For stress relief, Hall abides by her number-one remedy (no bonus points for guessing this one!) – exercise.

“Physically, I think exercise is the best for stress relief because it increases your happy hormones and endorphins. You feel stronger and this can help combat problems and build resilience.” She therefore places the same importance on staying in shape throughout winter as on a clear spring day.

“It’s important to me to stay in shape all year round because I feel better for it. As soon as I let myself go a little, I lose a bit of confidence, my immune system drops, I begin craving bad food, I lose motivation to exercise and this leads to a drop in mood that will affect my work, creativity and concentration.” A perfect fitness week for Hall includes taekwondo, at least two 10km runs, three half-hour strength and conditioning sessions, at least two hills or interval training sessions plus yoga, stretching, kicking drills and boxing. “I shake things up each week and change my workouts often.”

Strength training

For those of us still struggling to lace up our runners, Hall recommends interval and strength training. “Run flat out 30 seconds then walk for one minute and recover. Repeat for eight minutes and try to complete three sets. This is an effective way to work out in 20 minutes that will burn calories fast and increase fitness in a flash,” she says.

“If you are training for a long time, you are not training smart. Fast interval-based workouts are best.” Group fitness is particularly beneficial in winter she says. “You are motivated by being around other fit and energetic people and accountable because your mates should call if you don’t turn up.” 

Hall’s advice for enjoying exercise is to discover what makes you feel your best. “I know what works for me and I listen to my body. I don’t push when I’m tired but believe in the importance of rehabilitation and recovery,” she says.

“Nutritionally, I ditched sugar years ago, never drink alcohol and eat a well-balanced diet. I treat myself occasionally, sticking to the 80 per cent health ninja, 20 per cent naughty ninja rule.” Every day for Hall includes consuming blueberries, flaxseed oil and Nature’s Way Pea Protein and close to four litres of water. “I tend to eat heavier early in the day and go light at dinner to improve digestion.”

Hall’s survival guide

Eat: Nature’s Way Super Foods, Chobani yoghurt, walnuts, warm edamame beans, egg, quinoa pumpkin pea salad

Workout: Interval training and hills sessions with Nick Selek, taekwondo

Beauty: Nature’s Way Coconut Oil, Aspect Extreme B17 serum, Rosehip oil, Bio-Oil, Kérastase hair range, Chanel makeup, CosMedix Reflect SPF15

Comfort staples: A good book, Mum’s lasagne and a favourite worn-out jumper

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