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Your heart works harder in the heat, which causes your arteries to dilate and blood to thin so more blood flows as your heart is challenged to get nutrients and oxygen to every cell. When you move your body in and out of stretches and twists, you dilate and constrict tissues, which pushes old and stagnant blood out and invites oxygenated blood into your tissues. The standing deep breathing technique also teaches you to expand your lungs to their full capacity, which increases circulation to your whole body, waking everything up and preparing the muscles for action.

Hot Yoga

Your heart is a muscle and, like skeletal muscles, it responds to demand. When you are halfway through a class, dripping in sweat, deep in the standing sequence, your legs are burning with effort and your chest is pounding – that’s building your heart muscle. One of the best things about hot yoga is the way it increases your heart health and blood circulation. Your core temp doesn’t rise while you are in the hot room, because your body moves blood to the periphery where it can cool down, making the entire vascular system more efficient.