Piloxing is the first fitness program that combines boxing and Pilates.


When we saw Hollywood fitness trainer Viveca Jensen demoing her new fusion cardio regime, Piloxing, at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo, we had two words: Cri. Inge. (Imagine combining Pilates, boxing and dance to clubbish beats and you get the picture.)

But Jensen and her celeb devotees may have the last laugh. If you can get past the awks factor, it’s one clever core-sculpting, calorie-burning workout.

"Piloxing is the first fitness program that combines the power and high-intensity cardio from boxing with controlled movements based upon Pilates principles. It also incorporates formats such as interval and barefoot training to burn maximum calories and increase stamina,” says Jensen, who has a masters in dance from the Stockholm Ballet Academy. And a bangin’ body.


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