Why Pilates works - 5 exercises for abs - Women's Health & Fitness

Why it Pilates is good for abs

Strong abdominals are essential for a strong body and eliminating common sources of pain – think lower back. Strong abs help to support the spine for better posture and you’ll find yourself standing taller during the day. The main abdominal muscle used in this Pilates-based workout is the transverse abdominis. This muscle wraps around our midsection and provides support to help stabilise the spine. Regularly working this muscle will also be rewarded with a tinier waist, flatter stomach and rock-hard abs. Not too shabby!

Top tips

It is common in core work for fatigue to affect the abdominals and for exercisers to begin feeling the lower back work. If this happens, take a break and come back to the workout when you are ready. To keep the tranverse abdominis activated, always ensure you are cinching your waist in rather than pushing your abdominals out. Every time you push your abs out this places added pressure on pelvic floor muscles, which can weaken over time.