Single leg stretch - 5 Pilates exercises for abs - Women's Health & Fitness

5. Single straight leg stretch

Start with the legs in tabletop and the head, neck and shoulders lifted, curled up into a chest lift. Extend one leg up towards the ceiling and place the hands behind the back of the leg. Extend the other leg along the mat until it just hovers off the floor.

As you inhale, allow the legs to come through centre. Exhale to scissor the legs switching sides. Feel the upper body curl up towards the leg rather than drawing the leg towards the body.

For a strong stretch through the back of the leg, grab closer towards the ankle without bending the knee.

To make the exercise more intense, interlace the fingers and place the hands behind the head, still staying lifted, and keep scissoring the legs.

Perform 8 to 10 times each side, alternating.