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Ellie Butler, 31 | doubletroublerunning.com

Who she is: Butler is one half of blogging duo Double Trouble Running, co-owned by friend Gillian Power, who met at work before making the move overseas. With Power relocating to Perth from Dublin and Butler from Sydney to England, updating the blog was a chance to stay in touch while keeping their marathon running goals in check.

Her philosophy: Butler promotes running for all fitness levels with helpful information that doesn’t take working out too seriously. While they are both marathon level runners, they don’t claim to be experts but rather everyday women writing about their personal experiences, with a bit of humour on the side. Their main goal is to show readers that running is for everyone.

Who’s it for?: Runners who are passionate about improving their technique. “When the blog started, I was running four times a week on average, and was aiming for a half marathon PB of 1:40. Gillian was training for the Melbourne marathon and was aiming for sub 3:30,” Butler says. “I hope to entertain the readers when I write, and I also try to share running information. I lead a beginners running club, so often my information will be aimed at people who are trying to make running a regular thing.” Butler is also a pole dancing and aerial hoop instructor, and will often switch from her running cap to focus on flexibility and strength training.

Why blogging?: With Power’s knack for technology and Butler’s love of writing, the girls knew they had a recipe for blogging success. As well as being able to stay in touch online, blogging provided an outlet for Butler to write, which had previously gone unfulfilled. “I really love writing, and I love the fact that I now have a running diary of sorts to keep me honest,” she says. “Blogging has also helped to keep me focused on training. If I really don’t want to run, knowing the blog will be postless will encourage me to put my shoes on.”

Why we love it: Butler and Power have a signature humour they bring to their posts, which makes Double Trouble Running a relatable and refreshing read. Butler says, “I think it’s important to make sure the ‘ordinary girl’ is represented in the blogosphere.”

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