Bianca Cheah  - Fitness blogger - Women's Health & Fitness

Bianca Cheah, 32 -

Who she is: Cheah manages Sporteluxe alongside her career as a model, so she knows a thing or two about looking her best! Since launching in late 2012, the blog has quickly grown into a full-blown fitness community, with established industry contributors and a focus on working out in style.

Her philosophy: In Cheah’s words, “I believe health and fitness can be stylish, luxurious and aspirational. I wanted to inspire people to lead a healthier and stylishly active life.” With that in mind, Cheah set out to launch a sleek and chic blog that aims to blur the lines between the blogging world and traditional magazine media.

Who’s it for?: If you love fitness but don’t have time to visit multiple blogs for your daily fix, Sporteluxe is your one-stop destination. With a re-launch of the website on the horizon, readers will soon be treated to up to seven posts a day from a variety of authors, giving you ever-changing guidance and inspiration for your fitness goals. Cheah doesn’t just blog the trends but actively creates them through her fitness ventures. “We communicate this through the Sporteluxe website, which has the feel of a high-end, glossy health and fitness magazine,” she says.

Why blogging?: With a degree in communications under her belt and a love for fitness and fashion, it seemed only fitting that Cheah combined these passions into blogging. In just over a year, the website has established itself as a hotspot for those who don’t want to sacrifice looking fashionable on their morning run, with expert advice from names you can trust. “To begin, my focus was less about having a certain number of posts and more about producing beautiful images of stylish activewear. My followers loved these uplifting, beautiful images and as much as they drew inspiration from my posts. I was also inspired by them,” Cheah says. Sporteluxe writers know that the best blogs are always all about serving the readers, so the team work hard to create unique content and stunning imagery that encourage readers to live a stylish, healthier, happier and more active life. Cheah also lives her stories by tracking her own fitness progress on the blog as she tries out new programs and products. “This gives readers the confidence to know what does and doesn’t work,“ she says. “We only ever publish content that we generally love and know our readers will love.”

Why we love it: Sporteluxe’s visual appeal gives readers a hit of inspiration before they’ve even clicked on the latest post. You won’t see any selfies here, but only the highest quality images thanks to the talented photographic team.