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Fitness In The City

Lee Sutherland, 31 | fitnessinthecity.com.au

Who she is: Sutherland is a self-confessed former late night and coffee addict who has swapped the stress of a career in marketing and PR for green smoothies, Nike runners and a whole lot of health lovin’! While working for a major music label had its perks, Sutherland found the cool factor soon lost its shine when adrenal exhaustion set in.

“With this stress came a yearning to return to my roots of natural health science, which I studied after school,” Sutherland says. Now a master personal trainer and certified health coach, Sutherland aims to fill a gap in the market for inventive fitness options.

Her philosophy: Fitness in the City goes above and beyond exercise to bring readers info on all facets of a healthy life. “I wanted a form of training that made me want to get out of bed in the morning and one that motivated me to lace up my sneakers after I left work. Most of all I wanted to feel supported and encouraged – not just while training but when my motivation levels dropped. All I wanted was a little guidance and help to achieve my fitness goals!”

Who’s it for?: Having been so happy with her newfound clean and active life, Sutherland was on a mission to let the whole world know the secret. She describes her blog as appealing to an array of people: “From the ones who are at the start of their health journey, investigating clean eating, recipes and fitness, to an established health and fitness goddess wanting to read an inspiring interview with someone in the industry who is doing amazing things.” Fitness in the City is distinctly Sutherland, meaning you’ll always see her personal tried-and-true experiences woven into each post. She’s always up for a new fitness endeavour, be it CrossFit-inspired, yoga, paddle boarding, Pilates or Xtend Barre, and she motivates her readers to do the same. When you’re low on enthusiasm, or maybe just after a tongue in cheek article to make you feel better, Fitness in the City provides the goods.

Why blogging?: “I started with a simple Facebook page but realised I needed more space to fuel my love for writing (and stop taking up everyone’s news feed!), so that’s when I decided to make a blog,” she says. “It has made me 100 per cent more focused, healthy and accountable. Thanks to the blog, I definitely practise what I preach because I don’t want to be a hypocrite, gorging blocks of chocolate and telling people to stay off sugar, or asking them to move daily if I sleep in until 10am; that’s not cool!”

Why we love it: Sutherland alternates betweens the topics of ‘move’, ‘live’ and ‘nourish’ for an all-encompassing guide for creating a new and improved lifestyle.