5. Change up your workout
So over the same workout? Good. Change it. To tone and sculpt you need to increase the load as your body adapts or ‘supercompensates’. But don’t get too ambitious – no-one ever got toned being injured.

One way to inch up is setting a 12-week goal in four-week blocks: in the first month, set a rep range of eight to 12 (choosing a weight with which you can haul at least eight reps but no more than 12 per set). If you can’t crank out eight, the weight’s too heavy. If you can do 13, it’s too light. For weeks five to eight, drop to the six to eight rep range with a weight you can lift at least six times but no more than eight. In the final trimester, graduate to the four to six rep range (hence, your heaviest load).

Between weeks nine and 12 you may find yourself involuntarily taking selfies in hot pants.  Hey, it happens.

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