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3. Stimulate your whole body
To add muscle that’s evenly distributed rather than chunked on, say, your thighs, it’s ideal to stimulate your whole body in each move. (Well, that and it’s efficient – think the gym equivalent of putting on a dress instead of a top and skirt.) Here are two nifty tricks to hit parts of your body you’re not meaning to: first, choose compound moves (gym’s answer to a onesie). Second, choose free weights rather than machines, which are like muscle prison. Combine.


Deadlift (pictured)  The number one compound move, this hits almost every muscle: legs, back, traps, abs, obliques…

Squat  For short short quads and glutes you gotta squat. Try free-weight barbell squats to work your quads, hammies and glutes.

Lunge  You wanted tight! Lunges will give you tight glutes, hammies and quads. Provided you nail the technique. Make sure your lunges are tightass worthy with Nichelle Laus’ demo on p. 48-49.

Pull-Up  The best girl guns come from hauling your whole body weight but you can start with a pull-up machine and work, well, up.
Dip  Chest, shoulders, triceps, oh my. This is your upper body go-to, targeting shoulders and tuckshop arms. If you can’t hold yourself up on a bench, slip into the machine and trade up.