Borrow the boys’ training techniques to firm up faster than that girl over there.

5 ways tone up fast - Women's Health & Fitness

Two of the stickiest training myths are a) that the fairer sex needs to train differently to men folk – studies show there’s no more basis for girl-specific workouts than women’s protein powder (would you like female fries with that?); and b) body fat can be turned into muscle.

Facts: toning is, in simple terms, creating muscle that wasn’t there when you were huffing through 90-minute cardio sessions. While women and men have different hormonal profiles and, as a rule, body composition, muscle is muscle. Fat is fat. And the seductive notion that fat can be turned into muscle is as likely as Paris Hilton becoming a nun. Completely different species.

But here’s the kicker: not all muscle-building (nerd slang: hypertrophy) is made equal. And despite ubiquitous coos from trainers that you, little lady, will not get bulky…well, you might.

To grow the type of muscle that creates a sexy silhouette that doesn’t wobble when you do a burpee you need an intricate interplay of factors from rep range to meal timing. Take notes. You’ll need to give them to the other girls at the gym when they ask why you look like that.

5 ways to tone up fast

1. Press repeat
While it’s impossible to prescribe a rep range to suit everyone on the planet due to biological nuance, ranges generally fall into three broad benefit-centric categories: strength (one to five reps), hypertrophy (six to 12 reps) and endurance (more than 12 reps). The ranges acknowledge that some of us (like mesomorphs) will gain more easily than others.