Want six-pack abs? Nikki Fogden-Moore demonstrates one of her favourite ab exercises.

Lower ab lift with resistance - Women's Health & Fitness

How to

This is a very effective abdominal exercise and one of my favourites. The trick is to go slowly to keep the tension on the lower abs at all times. Do not let your back come off the floor too much.

Lie on the floor with your partner standing with their feet on either side of your head. Hold onto their ankles or the heels of their shoes and raise your legs up towards your partner. Keep your core tight and make sure your legs are straight as your partner throws or pushes your legs down to the floor.

Don’t let your feet touch the floor and use your abs to pull them back up to your partner. Repeat this 15 times each and get your partner to vary the direction they throw your legs. Do three sets each.

Photo credit: Sam Frysteen Tin Box Studios.

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