Looking for a personal trainer? Use this checklist to find your perfect match!

Qualification:  A quality personal trainer should have achieved Certificate V in Fitness, meaning they’ve gone beyond the minimum fitness qualification. 

Adaptability:  Check that they can create a program based on your needs and goals. You don’t want a cookie-cutter routine.

Experience: Look for someone with a good body of experience. The more time in the industry, the better.  

Ability:  A trainer should give you their undivided attention to make sure you are performing exercises correctly and effectively.

Personality:  You’ll work harder for someone you like. Chat with various trainers to find someone whose personality clicks with yours.

Results: The best test of a PT’s ability to train you well is to look at their body of work, i.e. the bodies of past and current clients.

Set a time period:  If after 12 weeks you are not seeing the results you want, move on.

Improve your overall fitness by calculating your BMI and ideal weight, then choose a workout plan.

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