Make it mental

Often, a successful transformation is not about how much you know or how talented you are.

The most intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable people may fail a 12-week BodyBlitz Challenge - they know what to do but they cannot get their head around the changes that need to be made to do it!

Most of you out there know what to do, but doing it is another thing!

Your mind is skilled at making bargain pleas, excuses and false assumptions to trick you into never changing. It's comfortable doing the same thing over and over again.

Our mind and body do not like change, so when we begin to do things differently our brain throws up a whole bunch of negative self talk to get us to go back to our old fat ways! To be successful you need to have a strong mind that can counteract the negative barrage your mind will undoubtedly deliver as you start to form new 'good' habits.

So you want to get fit? Kickstart the new you with our BodyBlitz 12-week Challenge. Turn to page 10 to find out more.

Busting the bad habits

Examine what your personal habits are

Often, we are so busy going about our day-to-day activities that we don't even think about what we are doing? Take a look at your current habits? Are they helping you be the best person you can be? Do you really need to watch CSI every week? Does chocolate really have to be a staple in your diet? We can break old habits, find more quality time and bring happiness to our lives through analysing, changing and improving our daily rituals.

Put yourself first

That's right, to create the best, giving, loving person you can be, you need to first 'give' to yourself. The most exceptional happy, well-adjusted people I know in this life, love themselves. They take time to nurture, pamper and exercise their bodies - to care for the precious vessel they live in. You must find time to give your body what it needs. You can then give more of yourself to those you truly love.

Try doing something new

Start a new habit and watch it flow into every area of your life. Sometimes all we simply need to do is to start today.

A small miniscule change can have massive repercussions.

Do you recall the lady who started walking around her clothesline everyday? By implementing that small change into her lifestyle she created a new body, new self-esteem and financial success in the weight-loss industry. Women everywhere, wanted to hear her story. All she did was create a new simple habit and empower her life!

Fight fear

Often, we are living our habits because they are safe - they make us feel comfortable in a world that often isn't. Stare fear in the face and make a change to better yourself.