When it comes to creating an amazing physique what makes one woman succeed and the other fail? Personal trainer Vanessa Wilton shares her trade secrets

When it comes to creating the perfect physique, the greatest ingredient by far is that a successful woman embraces change and adapts to it. She stops performing her old habits and moves on to new, fresh ways of doing things. I have received countless emails from women who say that they are so sick of their fat bodies, but sadly most are not willing to do what it takes to change them. If you want change, you have to be the change!

If nothing changes, nothing changes

Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying, 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results'. If you get up every morning and do the same cardio, eat the same foods, drink the same amount of water, have the same café latte for morning tea and perform the same habits on a daily basis, you are going to need a microscope to detect any change to your physique. Your body needs 'different' to respond - your body needs 'stimuli' to react. You have to incorporate change to lose fat, to re-shape your body. You cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results.

Dare to prepare

I know how it goes, I have eaten well all day - been very conscious of what goes into my mouth but at around 3pm when the kids arrive home from school and I am hungry, suddenly I am blown off track - there is nothing available for me to eat except the pancakes I am cooking for the children for afternoon tea. I give in and devour them, with butter and jam! In the blink of an eye, my 'good food plan' vanishes out the window because of my laziness. If my meals are planned out this doesn't happen - they are already prepared so I eat the right things. I need to shop and have a 'cook-up' on Sunday to prepare a batch of healthy food that I can freeze, ready for the week ahead. Do I want to cook up on Sunday or do I want to laze around reading the papers? Of course, I want to relax, but I have to make changes to get changes - it's the only way I will succeed on my journey to a fit and fabulous body.

My schedule blows up!

I have a diary where I try to prioritise what I need to get done for the day, although on most days this blows up in my face. I receive a phone call, a business opportunity arises, a girlfriend pops in, something is going on with one of the children - you name it, my days never really go to plan.

Your day will most likely have similar challenges but you must adapt to these changes and move forward.

Do not use this reorganisation of your day as an excuse NOT to exercise. Ask any BodyBlitz Grand Champion and they will tell you, that at certain times throughout their Bodyblitz, they had to re-shuffle their schedule to fit their training in.