Make the most of your workouts by checking your power walking technique against these markers.

How to improve your power walking technique - Women's Health and Fitness magazine



Stand tall. Correct posture can prevent fatigue and injury. Pelvic floor should be activated, shoulders back and down, pelvis tucked under, tummy in and head up. 

» Take comfortable strides. Lead with your heel, rolling through your instep and pushing off with the ball of your foot. 

» Keep your arms and hands relaxed, holding them at a 90-degree angle, swinging them forward and back and keeping them close to the sides of your body. 

» With each step, squeeze your butt cheeks to work your butt muscles. Keep your belly button back towards your spine to work your abs. 

» Relax your breathing and walk as fast as you can – building up the pace as fitness improves.

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