On this episode of 2FitJournos: We chat body confidence, self-love and how our latest cover featuring the girls from AnyBODY, Georgia Gibbs & Kate Wasley, has been received on social media.



Also in this episode of 2FitJournos: 

Staying on the topic of body confidence, journo Ang chats to Psychologist & director of BodyMatters Australasia about body image and the thought-process behind these reactions in the media

Be sure to hang around because we’re highlighting some positive feedback from our readers – shoutouts included



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Show Note Links:

[1] Feature article - http://www.womenshealthandfitness.com.au/lifestyle/motivation/2335-positive-body-image-with-anybody-girls-georgia-gibbs-kate-wasley

[2] AnyBody co website http://anybodyco.com/