- Store fat easily

- Often fatigue easily

- Find fat loss difficult

- Low muscle definition

- Larger frame

Best workouts for endomorphs?

"Endomorphs have a higher percentage of body fat, tend to gain weight easily and find it hard to lose weight," says accredited exercise physiologist Anna-Louise Moule.

The best form of exercise for this body type is to team high-intensity interval cardio with strength training. She recommends looking at using light to medium weights and higher reps or power movements to keep the workout more metabolic.

"Compound strength exercises where you are working more than one muscle group at a time are also beneficial for endomorphs as you will be kickstarting your metabolism and will tend to burn more energy throughout the day after your workout," Moule says.

"For endomorphs, I like working on more bodyweight exercises to keep their heart rate up and burn fat while still preserving muscle," says exercise physiologist Angela Jenkins.