- Symmetrical build

- Wide shoulders

- Small waist

- Low body fat

- Large musculature

- Builds muscle easily

- Burns fat easily

Best workouts for mesomorphs?


Mesomorphs have a higher percentage of lean mass and adapt quickly to training stimulus so it is important to keep their program varied to ensure a plateau in fitness and results doesn't occur.

Accredited exercise physiologist Anna-Louise Moule recommends strength training no more than three times per week to avoid looking bulky. Circuit training is an easy way to target all muscle groups evenly, and mesomorphs should aim for two to three sets of 12 to 15 reps for each exercise.

"For muscular mesomorphs who often have short, tight muscles, I like to include yoga base d poses to help to create long lean muscle," Angela Jenkins says, exercise physiologist and lifestyle expert.

Mesomorphs typically have a higher percentage of fast-twitch fibres. This allows them to move quickly and be more explosive.

"The benefits of fast-twitch fibres for the exerciser is that you can generate a lot more power and speed over a shorter time period. The downside is they fatigue quicker. Individuals with a higher percentage of fast-twitch fibres excel in power and sprinting sports," Moule says.

The ultimate goals for mesomorphs should be building a higher intensity, maintaining flexibility and completing a balanced workout.