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Muay Thai training, northern Thailand

Five words: Body and mind of steel

Best for: Testing your mettle

Single from $9,305.70

Hiking old trade routes one day, practising Muay Thai with a master and cooking class the next. The Fitness Travel Company’s overseas trips are not for the faint of fingernail. The intensive grunt work is why participants come home with rockin’ bodies and the kind of ‘I can do anything’ confidence that would part an airport taxi queue. While high-tea types will need some serious anti-anxiety meds to get through this week-long fitness, food and culture experience, it’s not strictly for fiends. The package includes three weeks’ training before you go, to make sure you don’t tear something in the Amazing Race-style challenges.

There’s a softer side, with yoga, tai chi and detox juices and snacks. You also get a week’s follow up training on home soil.


Photo: Caley Reece