Bored of the gym? Not seeing results? Try mountain biking in Vietnam or a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand. Here, we review 4 extreme fitness holidays for 2013.

Life's A Gym Layne Beachley Bodibreak, QLD - Women's Health & Fitness

Life’s A Gym Layne Beachley Bodibreak, QLD

Five words: Healthy lifestyle kickstart, celeb-style

Best for: Those who think a healthy, fit lifestyle means giving up the good stuff
$3,000 per person (four days)
Save the date: 16 to 19 January, 2014

WH&F’s head fitness trainer Nikki Fogden-Moore runs what may be the best holistic health and fitness retreats in the world (not that we’re biased). Held in the chi-chi resort town of Noosa, regular and celeb BodiBreaks will have you believing that eating well and exercising are fun (dining at seafood restaurants and stand-up paddling on the Noosa River are so much better than Lean Cuisines and bicycle crunches).

Rather than dictating a masochistic regimen that would never stick back home, Nikki gently instils her ‘nature is your gym’ philosophy (makes Paul McKenna look like a hack). You’re also sent home with a plan devised in a private consultation with Nikki, to help you to meet your health and fitness goals. Just add morning beach workouts with surf champ Layne ‘get-out abs’ Beachley for extra inspiration.