A perennial menu staple, the Caesar salad has long been loved by restaurant goers. But this doesn’t mean it loves you back.

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Caesar salads can have as much fat as a hamburger because of the very rich, cream-based dressing, croutons, and pancetta or bacon, so it does really add up,” says nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin. She also says that this salad lacks a lot of nutrients because “it really is just the dressing, the add-ons, lettuce and chicken”.

How to make it healthy:
Bingley-Pullin says there are a few ways to make this old favourite nutritionally beneficial. “If I’m going to have a Caesar salad, I tend to use croutons made with wholegrain bread, and toast it with no oil – you don’t need it. I don’t like pancetta, so I leave the pancetta out. But you could use a very lean bacon or use less of it,” she says.

And the healthier options don’t end there, says Bingley-Pullin. “I would be adding some other vegetables to it; some cucumber or avocado or cherry tomatoes. Really make it a lot more valuable, a lot more nutrient rich,” says the Nutritional Edge nutritionist.

Dressing delight:
Although this is a major ingredient in the Caesar salad, the dressing needn’t be laden with fat, says Bingley-Pullin, adding that  “some people say that the Caesar dressing is a Caesar salad; if you don’t have the Caesar dressing it’s not a Caesar salad”. Bingley-Pullin suggests that “you use yoghurt instead of cream to try and cut the fat down that way. Or you can try watering it down with a little bit of olive oil to get a little less of that fattier douse of French dressing”.

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