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Forever young halva

Ingredients (serves 6-10)
•    4 cups finely ground sesame seeds
•    ½ tsp vanilla powder
•    ½ cup raw honey
•    1 tbsp raw agave
•    1 tbsp raw cacao powder
•    Bee pollen, optional, for sprinkling

Use a coffee grinder to finely grind half-cup portions of sesame seeds until fine. Mix together ground seeds, vanilla and honey – hands may be necessary! Split the mixture, pressing two-thirds into a glass dish. Add agave and cacao to the remaining third and mix together well. Firmly press chocolate halva mix over the vanilla layer. Top with bee pollen if desired and chill to firm. Homemade halva keeps well in the fridge. Cut into chunks or slice as needed.

kJ 787 | Fat 14.5g | Carb 8.7g | Protein 4.7g | Sugar 7.5g

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