7 tips for a healthy home detox

Whether you’re cleansing for a week or a month, this roster of low-key detox tactics will keep your metabolism ticking and evade the perils of fasting while resetting your gut and tastebuds.


Eat a light and healthy diet. Use cooking methods such as steaming and grilling. Sauté food in a little vegetable stock or natural tomato juice. Try to fry foods rarely and if you do, use only a dash of monounsaturated oil such as olive or peanut oil.


Big meals

Dairy products

Sugar, honey and any foods containing sucrose, glucose, dextrose and fructose

Caffeine products including tea, coffee and cola


Red meat

Canned, pre-packaged, fast or heavily processed foods

Foods with a long shelf life

Condiments, such as mayonnaise and chutney

Eat In Moderation:

» Eggs and chicken – preferably free range

» Fruit

» Goats’ cheese

» Salad dressings and vinegar

» Wheat – if you can, avoid wheat altogether by cutting out pasta and conventional breakfast cereals and opting for gluten-free health breads and breakfast flakes made with corn maize and rice flour

Enjoy Abundant:

Fresh vegetables, eaten raw wherever possible

Rice milk – choose one that contains calcium

Pulses and legumes, such as chick peas, lentils and all varieties of beans

Garlic, ginger and herbs to enhance the flavour of foods

Fish – especially the deep water varieties

Rice – try different varieties such as arborio, basmati, wild and brown

Varied foods – rotate your menus, so that you are not eating the same foods every day

Antioxidant-rich foods such as carrots, tomatoes, sweet potato, beetroot and leafy greens