Make a habit of breathing through your nose. As well as filtering air, the nose warms or cools carbon dioxide to the optimal temperature for entering the body. Become aware of how shallow your breaths are and set out to consciously take longer breaths and slow down your breathing pattern (breathe in and out to the count of four). Where possible during your detox, avoid smoky pubs or clubs. Anything that you can smell you are also inhaling, so minimise airborne chemicals by not using air fresheners, cleaning agents, insecticides or even perfumes.

How to maintain your body cleanse 

Once you have finished your one-month body cleanse, you will feel like you have a new lease of life. Instead of falling back into your old stressed out chocoholic, three-wines-a-day habits, try to incorporate aspects of the detox program into your everyday diet and lifestyle. “Once you know how good you can feel in body, mind and emotions, you will probably want to keep that feeling,” says naturopath Rumi Maheno. “The good news is that, once you have undergone a thorough detox, it will never be so hard again.”