Nutrition is key to a healthy diet, so here are five tips to ensure your nutrition is in check.

5 tips to nurture your nutrition - Women's




1. Plan and prepare: the fitness champs ensure their balanced meals are pre-prepped to avoid getting hungry and reaching for an unhealthy meal. Do a big cook-up once or twice a week and carry healthy meals and snacks on your person to help avoid temptation.

2. Have the majority of your high-energy carbs earlier in the day: think your first three meals. Front loading your carbs provides energy for the day ahead and can offer clues as to how well your body responds to particular types and amounts of carbs. 

3. Eat regularly: think every two to three hours. Eating regularly helps to manage your hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin, dousing the temptation to reach for that sugary chocolate bar.  

4. Don’t be afraid of hunger; be afraid of undereating: competitors are hungry all the time because they’re training hard and their metabolism is in overdrive. Hunger is a good sign – as long as you can eat in response and don’t feel deprived. Nourish your body and eat the calories that your body needs to function effectively. 

5. Supplement smart: don’t go spending your hard-earned cash on a mountain of sups you don’t necessarily need. The pros supplement for their specific goals, current body composition and deficiencies. Start with a high-quality multivitamin and fish oil tablet, and then work with your trainer to fill the gaps.  

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